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Professional checking document accuracy.

By combining the fundamentals of translation theory and the advancements in technology with the needs of businesses and organizations in the global arena, we strive to fulfill the need of conveying the exact message our clients have in mind. Our team of experienced linguists and technicians work closely with our clients to ensure that their messages are accurately conveyed in the target language.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the premier langauge services organization in the world.

At Washington Translation Academy, we are committed to delivering exceptional results, no matter the size of the project. We use a combination of the latest technology and human expertise to ensure that all our translations are accurate and of the highest quality. Our team of experienced linguists have the skills to capture the nuances of meaning, context, and culture in the source language and transfer them into the target language. We use CAT tools, leverage technology, and work with teams of experts to produce documents that read like original creations.

We specialize in a variety of languages and fields, and we place great emphasis on language quality, readability, and accuracy. Our rigorous quality control process ensures that each document is translated with the highest level of expertise and precision. Whether you need a single document translated or a large project, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our Language Professionals 

Cognizant of our clients’ need of seamless communication across languages and cultures, we, at Washington Translation Academy, place a strong emphasis on the qualifications and skills of our language professionals. Our expert translators handle a wide range of working languages across a variety of fields, ranging from personal documents to research papers, legal and court documents, and policy frameworks and reports, to name only a few.  

Professional discussing a project.

Our language professionals specialize in industries, including energy and mining, engineering and manufacturing, international trade and commerce, international development, nonprofit organizations, climate and environmental protection, legal and law enforcement, intellectual property and patents, public health and consumer protection.

Fields of activity and industries we cover

Government and International Relations:  ​​Peace and Peacebuilding | Democratic Processes and Elections ​| Human Rights ​​| Governance | Climate Change| Sustainable Development | Energy Security | International Cooperation | Public Health Access | Poverty | Water Security | Food Security | Law Enforcement | Cybersecurity |Unions and Workers Rights | Children’s Rights | Migrant and Refugee Rights| Laws | Statutes | Gender Rights | Inclusion | Executive Orders | Patents | Contracts | Medical ​Reports | Medical Equipment and Devices | White Papers and Reports | Research Articles and Studies|

Industries: Transportation| Shipping | Shipbuilding | Power and Energy | Engineering | Information Technology | Telecommunications | Marketing | Construction | Agriculture | Real Estate | Insurance | Stock Market | Investment | Distribution| Retail |

Media: Press Releases | News Articles | Press Reports ​| Investigations | Documentaries | ​

Personal and Court Documents: Birth Certificates | Marriage Certificates | Divorce Decrees | Death Certificates| Degrees and Diplomas | Driver’s License | Transcripts | Wills and Powers of Attorney |

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