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Simultaneous interpretation is the act of rendering a speaker’s message in real time (or almost). It requires the use of specific equipment, including a booth, a console, a mic, and headsets. This interpreting mode is commonly used in international and multilateral conferences and seminars. Washington Translation Academy only works with formally and highly trained interpreters using state-of-the art equipment to make your event a success.


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

An increasing number of companies and institutions are considering RSI and for many good reasons: location of expert interpreters, cost of travel, timeliness, and perhaps most importantly, global outreach. With RSI, we have the opportunity to serve clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America! No travel, no jetlag, no familiarization with new venues!

Our interpreters use state-of-the-art technologies and software to provide the best interpreting experience to your event participants. 



This mode is used throughout the communication level spectrum. It is used whenever two parties hold discussions, meetings, consultations, and/or engage in negotiations.  

It is also used in community, court interpreting and medical interpreting. 

This mode must be mastered before stepping up to simultaneous interpreting. 

Industries covered

Government and International Relations:  ​​Peace and Peacebuilding | Democratic Processes and Elections ​| Human Rights ​​| Governance | Climate Change| Sustainable Development | Energy Security | International Cooperation | Public Health Access | Poverty | Water Security | Food Security | Law Enforcement | Cybersecurity |Unions and Workers Rights | Children’s Rights | Migrant and Refugee Rights| Laws | Statutes | Gender Rights | Inclusion | Executive Orders | Patents | Contracts | Medical ​Reports | Medical Equipment and Devices | White Papers and Reports | Research Articles and Studies|

Industries: Transportation| Shipping | Shipbuilding | Power and Energy | Engineering | Information Technology | Telecommunications | Marketing | Construction | Agriculture | Real Estate | Insurance | Stock Market | Investment | Distribution| Retail |

Media: Press Releases | News Articles | Press Reports ​| Investigations | Documentaries | ​

Personal and Court Documents: Birth Certificates | Marriage Certificates | Divorce Decrees | Death Certificates| Degrees and Diplomas | Driver’s License | Transcripts | Wills and Powers of Attorney |

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